Hope to have a nice weather for Mizutori Geta Sandals soon!

It was a wonderful sunny day yesterday, but today…..  Oh, well… we have been waiting for sunny days for a long time. We hope they will come soon. While wating for the beautiful weather, please try on our handcrafted beautiful Geta sandals from Japan.

Mizutori Geta Sandals

Mizutori Geta Sandals

They are all handcrafted by Mizutori Japanese geta masters in Shizuoka, Japan. The company is well known for their creativity in Japanese footwear field.

Sakura - 4.5cm heel  $188

Sakura - 4.5cm heel $188

Mizutori has transformed the traditional geta sandals into the beautiful modern footwear.

These sandals are very comfortable.

Asanoha - 3.5cm heel  $148

Asanoha - 3.5cm heel $14sandals.

They gently stimulate your feet and improve blood circulation  and internal organs. They also help you feel relaxed and calm.

Dots - 5.5cm heel  $198

Dots - 5.5cm heel $198

Blade  3cm heel  $138

Blade 3cm heel $138

Sakana - 5cm heel  $138

Sakana - 5cm heel $138

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